Becoming a 501(c)3

The following are the steps that we took to become a 501(c)3.

  1. Establish a Board of Directors.
  2. Document and file Articles of Incorporation with the state.
  3. File for Employer Tax Identification Number with the IRS.
  4. Document and file Bylaws with the state.
  5. Complete and file Form 1023 to apply for 501(c)3 and also include:
    1. A written narrative that includes:
      • Retreat purpose, description & history
      • Volunteers
      • Retreat Preparation
      • Retreat Schedule
      • After Retreat Clean Up
      • Reunion
      • Team Meetings/Training
      • List other sites with 501(c)3 Status
      • List Board Bios
      • Fundraising Activities
    2. Document our Budget – past 3 years, current year, and next year
      • Revenues – Donations & Retreat Fees
      • Expenses – Admin, Retreat Supplies, Food, Retreat Center, Fundraising
    3. Provide main page printouts from the  RVM Website.

State Filings

  • Once you’ve received your 501(c)3 status, apply for your state’s Sales Tax Exemption.
  • File for W-9 Tax Identification

Annual Filings

  • April – 990 Form with IRS
  • May – Charitable Annual Report with State Attorney General
  • December – Business Renewal with Secretary of State
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