Additional Resources

Here are some helpful resources for healing and learning more about God’s grace.

 Helpful Websites

  • Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries
    This is the international website for Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries, founded by Dr. Theresa Burke. More information about Post Abortion trauma symptoms and retreat locations throughout the world can be found here. There’s also a special section for men.
  • Grief to Grace
    Grief to Grace is a spiritual journey for anyone who has suffered degradation or violation through sexual abuse, rape, incest, or other forms of traumatic violation in childhood, adolescence, or as an adult. Grief to Grace was created by Dr. Theresa Burke (founder of Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries).
  • Project Rachel
    Project Rachel is the Catholic Church’s outreach for confidential ministry for anyone who desires healing after an abortion. This includes mothers and fathers of children lost to abortion, grandparents and other relatives, health care providers, and many others. Project Rachel’s mission is to provide confidential and compassionate referral services and awareness. Resources are available for spiritual, emotional, and psychological healing to anyone who has been impacted by abortion. Striving to convey God’s forgiveness and mercy we hope to restore and empower lives. Contact Sonya at 651-291-4515 or by email.
  • Resources for Priests & Deacons
  • Resources for Health Professionals
  • Twin Cities Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats in Spanish
  • Elliot Institute
  • Priests for Life

Recommended Reading

  • Legacy Lost: Healing Abortion’s Heartache in Grandparents by Sydna Masse and Karen Fifer
  • God’s Mercy Awaits You: Find Healing after Abortion by Patricia Marie Barnette RGS
  • Her Choice to Heal by Sydna Masse and Joan Phillips
  • Redeeming a Father’s Heart by Kevin Burke, LSW, David Wemhoff & Marvin Stockwell
  • A Solitary Sorrow:  Finding Healing & Wholeness after Abortion by Teri Reisser with Paul Reisser
  • The Jericho Plan: Breaking Down the Walls Which Prevent Post-Abortion Healing by David C. Reardon  (useful for priests and ministers on how to talk to their congregation)
  • Sharing the Heart of Christ by Kevin Burke. (good for for Priests, Deacons, Counselors and Laity in ministry)
  • Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion by Theresa Burke and David Reardon. (more clinical)
  • Helping Women Recover from Abortion by Nancy Michels
  • Experiencing God’s Forgiveness by John Ensor
  • Psycho-Spiritual Healing After Abortion by Douglas R. Crawford & Michael T. Mannion
  • A Path to Hope by John J. Dillon
  • Does Anyone Else Feel Like I do? by Pam Koerbel