Do I have to be a Christian or practicing Catholic to come on a retreat?

No, definitely not. The Rachel’s Vineyard retreat is designed to bring healing to all the wounds of trauma, including the spiritual wounds. Although the Rachel’s Vineyard retreat was written from a Judeo/Christian point of view we welcome people of any or no religious practice. No one is ever pressured or expected to change their practice or adopt a new one.

What about the ‘Catholic’ Part?

The retreat includes some elements to meet the particular needs of Catholics on retreat, such as daily mass and availability of the sacraments. These activities are not part of the retreat exercises, and participation is entirely voluntary.

Why do you include both men and women on the retreat? Don’t they each need their own retreat?

We take great care to provide an environment that is safe and supportive for everyone who attends our retreat seeking the same thing – healing from the trauma of abortion. By going through the retreat process together, women and men recognize that they share many of the same wounds of guilt and grief and the desire for healing. Along the way a great deal of fear, shame and blame falls away, replaced by greater appreciation and respect for one another.