Champions for Life 2018

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Champions for Life 2011


In October 2011, the Archbishop presented Nancy Blom and the Rachel’s Vineyard Twin Cities team members with the “Champions For Life” award. The award recognizes the efforts of pro-life volunteers throughout the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

In sharing the recognition for the “Champions For Life” award with all the members of the team, Nancy wrote:

“The team members are the ones whose own healing has brought them from a place of shame and grief to a journey of hope and giving life to others who are still hurting.

Jesus stated that the one “who has been forgiven the most, loves the most”.

These team members of Rachel’s Vineyard Twin Cites are the ones who love the most.

They are the ones that Pope John Paul II talked about in his Evangelium Vitae letter, who are the most eloquent defenders of life.

Truly, they are the most amazing life giving fruit of Rachel’s Vineyard.”