Hidden Pages

Below is a linked list of hidden pages on our website. I recommend bookmarking this page for future reference.

This page is not to be shared with those outside of our RVTC team and board members. This page is for internal use only.

The pages linked to below are meant to be shared with outsiders, as needed. Click on the link, then copy and share that link.

NONE of these links should be sent to potential participants, except recommended counselors. If in doubt, please ask Nancy first.

Recommended Counselors

Serving as a Member of the Retreat Team

Serving as a Priest or Deacon on a Retreat

Serving as a Counselor on a Retreat

Serving on the Board of Directors

Attending a Retreat to Serve (lay people)

Massage Ministry

Typical Retreat Schedule

When We Are Down

Becoming a 501(c)3 Organization

Links for Team Members

Weekend Retreat Teams

Pre-Retreat Prep

Team and Board Contacts

Team Trainings

Splitting Your Manual

Executive Director Evaluation

Links For Registered Retreatants

Links to the following pages are sent to retreatants AFTER they’ve registered for a retreat. Nancy is the only one that should be sending links to the following pages.

Agreement Form

Confirmation 1  July Prior Lake

Confirmation 2 July Prior Lake

About the Memorial Service

Directions to Buffalo

Directions to Prior Lake

Retreat Evaluation

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