Retreat Tips & Reminders

Arrival time: 

  • assign rooms as they arrive. 
  • need to collect agreement form and any payment owed. 
  • put name tag on door at eye level. can use the name plate 
  • if someone changes room, update the map 
  • show them where the main gathering room is.
  • let them know to return to dining area before 6 pm. 

Papers & Manual: 

  • keep track of your manual and papers
  • be protective of papers, don’t leave them laying around outside your manual. 


  • Keep in mind where retreatants are at, respect their grief, doubts, questions, etc. 
  • Be careful of non-affirming talk. 
  • When introducing self, don’t say “oh this retreat is so amazing will change your life…” You’ll lose credibility. 
  • Be careful about sharing mystical experiences that may seem weird or frightening to others. 
  • Try to share in a way they can relate to. 
  • It’s more helpful to say something like, “I remember being so scared on my retreat/this exercise but I gave it a chance and…” 

Reading & Facilitating: 

  • When reading, remember pacing and volume. 
  • Pay attention where it says to pause… a pause should be the space of a deep breath. 
  • You can paraphrase the facilitating questions at the end, if you wish. You don’t have to say them exactly as they are written. 
  • Try to look around the room as you ask questions. Look curious, pay attention to body language.
  • Give them plenty of time to respond to questions.