Attending a Retreat to Serve

Our international office, Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries (RVM), does not require Priests, Deacons, and counselors to attend and participate in a retreat before serving on one. When necessary, RVM also allows exceptions for these professionals to be present for only parts of the retreat weekend, because they are serving in their professional capacity. 

Lay people who wish to serve on a Rachel’s Vineyard weekend retreat team are required by RVM to attend a retreat first and then usually wait a year before serving on a weekend team. During that year, they are encouraged to serve in other ways as outlined here. 

Rachel’s Vineyard Twin Cities (RVTC) asks those who serve on the Board of Directors to attend a retreat as soon as they are able. We cannot make exceptions for them to attend only part of a retreat. It’s important to attend the entire retreat from beginning to end and participate as fully as possible, even if they have not had an abortion.

The reasons include: 

  • Participating in the retreat invites God to heal any areas in their life that needs healing. There can be tremendous spiritual warfare in this ministry and unhealed wounds can make it challenging to serve effectively. 
  • It enables them to see how and why this retreat process works. Each exercise of the weekend builds on previous exercises. Missing parts of the weekend will make it hard for them to see how critical each exercise is. 
  • It allows them to witness powerful transformations that takes place from Friday to Sunday in our participants.
  • It’s very important for the emotional safety of all participants that lay people do not enter into the the retreat process after the work of the retreat has begun. 
  • Lastly and most importantly, we want our team and directors to become passionate believers in RV and fierce protectors of its process. Experiencing their own healings and witnessing the powerful healings in others will help to do that. 

Memorial Service and Mass

All team and board members are welcome to attend the 1 pm Sunday Memorial Service, followed by Mass and the reception.