"We are both very thankful we participated 11 years ago. Our marriage and our very lives began to heal from that point on. Since then we have welcomed a granddaughter and soon, our grandson will be born. We have been blessed - God is forgiving."
- Annie

"Daily for 10 years I'd regretted and mourned alone my abortion decision. I couldn't change what I'd done and I couldn't go on with the pain and guilt. In spite of my fear of bringing up the past, I went to a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat where I found safety, comfort, and understanding. And more profoundly, I experienced the forgiveness of God, a hope for tomorrow and the day I meet my baby."
- Amanda

"I felt so much lighter, so much more peaceful and SO much more hopeful for the future. I made more progress in this ONE weekend than I have in MULTIPLE years of therapy."
- Becky

"The healing achieved through the outpouring of God's mercy and compassion is extraordinary.... one person at a time, souls are rehabilitated and forever grateful."
- Father Michael Becker

"I was terrified to take that first step forward and participate in Rachel's Vineyard. It seemed safer to remain hiding in the darkness, keeping the pain locked up deep inside rather than to risk exposing my shame to another soul. Now I am grateful to have experienced God's healing and forgiveness with others in an atmosphere of complete acceptance and trust."
- Suzanne

"At first I didn't trust that the retreat would help me or I could talk about it but by the end, I was relieved of a lot of built up feelings."
- Carol

"You are put in touch with the mystery of suffering, redemption and healing of the soul… You can see Christ working in the retreat, in the people and in yourself. It is a jolt of faith."
- Father Jim Livingston

"The Rachel’s Vineyard retreat was a safe and secure haven. I deeply mourned the loss of my first grandchild and expressed my love for her. It was so healing to speak openly to people who understood and who honored my grandchild. I wish everyone impacted by abortions – including grandparents who bear their compounded loss silently – would attend a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat. The staff's complete acceptance of all they heard truly allowed me and the other women to be honest and to reach down deeply into painful memories. I cannot say enough how impressed I am by their commitment of time, energy, emotion, faith, and love to help other people find God’s healing."
- Mary

"I remember the tension of arriving and not knowing anyone, and the pit in my stomach when it was time to reveal the story of my abortions. For 34 years I had carried a deep isolating loneliness because of the secrets in my life. Then, with a roomful of strangers, I found acceptance and mercy. Through the grieving and healing process of the retreat, I left that isolation at the foot of the cross. Even if I never see the other retreatants again, I know that I have friends who really love me."
- Sarah

"Many women and men carry the wounds and scars of an abortion from their past. God’s desire for them is that they would know his merciful love and healing. Rachel’s Vineyard retreats offer women and men a safe, confidential, powerful, opportunity to receive the healing love of Christ into the painful experiences of their past. Rachel’s Vineyard Twin Cities makes present the compassion of Christ to all who come at whatever stage they find themselves in processing their past. This apostolate performs an essential part of the Church’s pro-life, pro-woman, care for those who have been wounded by abortion. "
- Bishop Andrew Cozzens